Built to Order in the United States

Why is it better to source Industrial Flash Storage products built in the USA?

There are many advantages to building Industrial Storage products in the United States, in addition to synergies accomplished by having all functions under one roof at Delkin Devices. Costs are a little higher in the US, mainly due to labor cost and regulations in the US, and in California, but this is more than made up for by some of the advantages.  American made Industrial Storage products help boost our economy. The advantages of choosing Delkin Devices Industrial Flash Storage products built in our California, USA location include:

Diversity of the Supply Chain

Diversity of supply chain in Industrial storage is an advantage.  With a vast number of manufactured products coming from Asia, sometimes it is good to have supply, or even a backup supply made in a completely different location.

Design and Manufacturing Under One Roof

There are synergies when the design team and the manufacturing team are less than 100 yards away from each other.  Clarification can be quickly and easily found when you can walk over and show someone your question.

 Order Adjustments in Minutes, Not Days

Answers to supply questions on dates, quantities and order adjustments can be done in minutes, not days when all stakeholders are within the same time zone.

Access to Many Suppliers and Services

Made in USA is good for the American economy and work force, but also allows access to many other suppliers and services available locally, sustained by a very well developed infrastructure and transportation system that is world class.  Product does not get stuck in customs for 3 days.

Balanced Supply Chain

The supply chain can be balanced to support customer requirements, as the design can still be transferred to another assembly location for convenience, volume or cost reasons.

Engineering Changes and Customization

Engineering changes or customization can be accomplished, tested and put into production more quickly when Industrial storage products can be designed, tested and produced in one location and by one team.

Reduction in Freight, Import Duties, and Time

Depending on the final location required for the American made Industrial storage products, freight, import duties, and time can be saved when products are sourced closer to the place the product is going to be used.

Protection by U.S. Laws & Environmental Protection

Manufacturing in the US affords protections by the laws of the United States, and allows safeguards against IP violation, fraud, product liability and theft. To manufacture in the US, the supplier must also adhere to local, state and federal environmental standards.


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