Built to Order in the United States

Why is it better to source Industrial Flash Storage products built in the USA?

The Delkin Difference: Mission critical applications demand the highest level of design, innovation, and quality control in component sourcing and product manufacturing. The storage solution used in those applications should come from a memory supplier with those same exacting standards of excellence. Delkin’s USA-built Industrial Storage products provide many advantages for a wide range of applications in the Industrial Automation, Medical, Mil-Aero, Transportation, Digital Signage, Energy, Tele-Communications, and Embedded Computing market segments.


Design and Manufacturing Under One Roof:

Delkin operates as one dedicated team working in concert. From initial design stages to component sourcing, to manufacturing and assembly, to test, and on through finished goods and shipping. The Delkin team implements clinical quality control and a precision manufacturing process with 360 degree traceability. Delkin is ISO – 9001-2015 certified and manufactures to IPC-A-610 Class 3 standards.


Customization and Value-Add Services:

On-Site, U.S. manufacturing at the Delkin factory allows for nimble customization while maintaining production speed, quality control, and extremely high standards for component sourcing and the manufacturing process. Tailored application life expectancy modeling, HALT Testing, or value-added customizations such as conformal coating stay within Delkin’s control. Building on-site allows Delkin to offer a true Locked BOM, provide stringent PCN and EOL Life cycle management and provide hands on technical support through product transitions. 60% of Delkin customers utilize some sort of customization, such as Pre-loaded content, customized settings or formats and customized firmware for maximized performance.


U.S. Contacts and Decision Makers

Delkin ownership and decision makers are in the U.S., meaning answers to supply chain questions, order adjustments and other hands-on engagements can be addressed in minutes, not days. Delkin’s Applications Engineering Team is also housed in the California headquarters, on call to provide real-time, experienced, expert technical support at any stage of your project.


Reduction in Freight Costs, Import Duties and Shipping Time, Tariff-free:

Customs clearance and tariffs are a non-issue for Delkin USA-built products, in contrast to the many storage products sourced from Asia. Products originating in the U.S. have shorter transit times, lower shipping costs and no applicable import duties.


Protection by U.S. Laws & Environmental Protection:

Manufacturing in the U.S. affords protections by the laws of the United States and allows safeguards against IP violation, fraud, product liability and theft. To manufacture in the U.S., Delkin must adhere to local, state, and federal environmental standards, so that partnering with Delkin means supporting a healthier planet.


Made in the USA is Good for the American Economy:

Sourcing Delkin’s American-made products keeps jobs in the U.S.  Delkin partners with local supply and service providers, which helps sustain jobs across the entire economy.


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