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Delkin Devices PCMCIA

Industrial PCMCIA

Product Highlights

  • PC/PCMCIA ATA Type I (3.3mm) with 68-pin connector
  • Supports Memory Mode, I/O Mode, True IDE Mode
  • 128MB – 8GB SLC
  • -40 to 85°C Operating Temp

Product Description

Although the PCMCIA standard was first released in 1990, and most platforms have moved to other storage options, there are still legacy hosts in existence using this form factor.  Delkin understands the need for long product life cycles and continues to support this form factor with Industrial Temperature SLC PC Cards in capacities up to 8GB.

As with all Delkin products, the PCMCIA cards are built with a controlled BOM, such that the flash, controller and firmware cannot be changed without a part number change, and Delkin places great emphasis on life cycle management.
For other PATA options, such as Standard CompactFlash, UDMA 6 CompactFlash, Ultra High Performance, ELC Extended Life Cycle CompactFlash, click  here.

Technical Specifications


Operating Temp
-40 to +85°C

Storage Temp
-50 to +100°C

10G, 11msec – Sawtooth Waveform

20Hz – 1000Hz @ 0.04 G2/Hz,
1000Hz – 2000Hz @ 0.01 G2/Hz

Reliability / Endurance

SLC: 234 TBW

> 2 million hours (0 to +25°C)
> 200,000 hours (60°C)

Capacity Range

128MB – 4GB



Sequential Read up to 10MB/s
Sequential Write up to 6MB/s


1Per MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.6 Procedure I. Testing to other shock profiles available upon request.

2Per MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.6; Category 24. Testing to other vibration curves available upon request.

3 TBW figures are representative for 4GB capacity based on optimal usage model. Contact Delkin for life estimates on other capacities or using your specific usage parameters.

4Performance figures shown are for highest capacity configuration, and will vary by capacity, host, usage model and other factors.


  • Compliant with PC Card ATA standard, with 68-pin interface, Type 1(3.3mm)
  • Operating modes – Memory, PCMCIA I/O, True IDE
  • Wear-leveling and ECC
  • Supports 3.3V & 5V Operation
  • Fixed disk & removable configuration options
  • Compliant with European Union Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS)

PATA / CF Devices

Standard CompactFlash

CompactFlash has been a key form factor in the industrial embedded space since its introduction in 1994, due to its robustness, small size and ease of integration.

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GEN V CompactFlash

UDMA 6 CompactFlash cards provide the most extensive power interruption and read disturb management available.

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High Performance CF

For embedded applications requiring maximum speed, high capacity or both, the Delkin Ultra High Performance CompactFlash cards utilize a 4-channel UDMA 7 controller to deliver the fastest and largest capacity industrial temperature solutions on the market.

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Although the PCMCIA standard was first released in 1990, and most platforms have moved to other storage options, there are still legacy hosts in existence using this form factor.

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